Infrastructure Projects 2022

Deutsche Bahn construction
198 Pages, Hardcover 10.10.2022 21,0 x 29,7 cm German ISBN 978-3-96245-253-7
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For the seventh time, Deutsche Bahn gives an insight into investments to strengthen the railways.

More and more trains are travelling on the German rail network. To ensure that the infrastructure can keep up with the pace of growth on the railways, more is being invested than ever before. In the general renovation of the heavily used lines, which are being developed into a high-performance network. In the renewal and digitalisation of the entire network. In the expansion and new construction of the infrastructure for the German cycle and the European transports.

The book gives examples of what and where investments are being made. And it also reports on the restoration of the Eifel line, which was destroyed by the flood disaster in 2021. Finally, the interim balance sheet and the outlook for the "Future Railway Construction Initiative" show: Strong Rail is a joint project of the entire industry.

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