Digitization in mobility and transport

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272 Pages, hardcover 30.11.2018 16,5 x 24,0 cm German ISBN 978-3-96245-162-2
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This textbook, which is also suitable for non-engineers, deals in two parts with digitization in mobility and traffic:

The first part describes the most important technologies, which as a whole make it possible today to solve mobility needs in society that were technically unworkable or too expensive just a few years ago. The aim of this survey is to provide a basic understanding of these new technologies.

The second part sheds light on how digitization is being translated into mobility and transport. The focus is on rail and public transport, which are predestined as existing networked systems to cover the mobility needs of people and goods safely, efficiently and climate-friendly. With the digitization even the former individual traffic of people and goods is networked and thus approaches the rail and public transport in its essence. Therefore, relevant aspects of road traffic - such as autonomous driving - are also considered in this work.

The included e-book provides users of a device with pdf-reader (PC, tablet, smartphone) the contents of the work also electronically and with search function.

The author Dagmar Rees has been working for 20 years as a journalist on topics related to economics and technology. For more than five years she has also been an editor at the renowned Eisenbahntechnischen Rundschau (ETR).

The book is available in German.

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