Infrastructure Projects 2016

Deutsche Bahn construction
162 Pages, Hardcover 12.09.2016 21,0 x 29,7 cm German ISBN 978-3-96245-063-2 Available as: P E
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Once again, a collection of contributions on the theme of "Construction of the German railway" is presented under the title "Infrastructure Projects".

This time, published by DB Netz AG, the focus is not on individual projects, but rather on innovations. With Building Information Modeling (BIM), investments are better prepared and implemented.

First digital, then build for real & nbsp; - this also facilitates a dialogue with the public. With the DB citizens' dialogue, the railways have in recent years set standards for public participation in the planning of large projects. Using sensors and software, DB Netz AG analyzes the state of the installations in order to better plan preventive maintenance. This increases quality and availability on the network. And because the construction is not an end in itself, but a means to provide customers with an effective infrastructure, existing technologies are optimised. Furthermore, new standard solutions are set, for example for small bridges.

In addition, the book looks at innovative solutions for noise protection. This also helps to achieve more acceptance of rail transport.

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