Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC)

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Components - Functions - Operations
This ABSTRACT represents the valid normative basis for highly automated light rail systems. The presentation is based on the author’s experience in advising transport companies and his practical work in the acceptance assessment of train protection systems for international metros and light rail vehicles.
This ABSTRACT offers you:
- Definitions of automatic train control systems (CBTC)
- Basic safety functions of automatic train control systems
- Definition of the degree of automation of automatic train control systems
- Operating modes and mode transitions of automatic train control systems
- Performance criteria of automatic train control systems
Millions of people use public transport every day. Without efficient rail transport systems, the world's metropolises would face a traffic infarction every day. However, in many places the existing infrastructure is reaching the limits of its capacity. The key to increasing the efficiency of urban rail transport systems lies in automation. In recent decades, more and more cities around the world have invested in high-performance rail transport systems. For a long time, Germany has not reinvested in metro and light rail systems. The technological basis in cities is therefore often outdated and in some places has already exceeded the limits of its technical life. In some cities, transport companies will therefore renew their infrastructure over the next few years. In Germany, too, comprehensive investments in the renewal of the signalling infrastructure of metro and light rail systems are to be expected.
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