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This book deals with basic aspects, technology, operation and financing important aspects of the urban transport system. There is an insight into the current legal foundations at European and national level. All aspects are presented, taking into account the production of modern light rail vehicles as well as basic renovation. It also explains...
This book covers the very latest measures for achieving freedom from barriers in all domains of public transportation - from vehicles and infrastructure to information and service. Moreover, it takes account of the current legal bases at national and European level and the most recent technical regulations. It also explains the principles of the...
Today it is impossible to imagine the public transport sector in Germany without the local associations known as Verkehrsverbünde. In recent years, these have grown steadily in number and significance as the concept of integrating services has become a central pillar in the provision of high quality public transport. The 20 technical...
The book looks at fire protection and fire-fighting measures in public transport systems and vehicles as a whole. The many suggestions in this book can be used as building blocks for any new project or for the refurbishment of already existing installtions.
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