Protection of Critical Transport Infrastructure

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A holistic approach.
Transport infrastructure plays a vital role in our society. Deliberate harmful actions intended to damage or interrupt the use and operation of transport infrastructure can affect negatively the pursuit of economic activities, generate substantial financial losses, undermine user confidence and cause major damage to the economy.
This book answers the question of what is meant by critical transport infrastructure. Network and information systems are essential for its effective control. That is why these systems in particular need to be protected against unauthorised access. The motivation of companies and organisations to secure the critical transport infrastructure which they operate is based on a uniform legal framework imposed within the European Union.
EU legislation has to be transformed into national laws by each one of the member states. It is the ultimate goal of legislation at European level to set out an equal level of protection of consumers and businesses to cybersecurity threats. In order to do so, operators of critical transport infrastructure first of all need to be identified. These operators then need to define the requirements for protection measures, in proportion to the risks represented to their networks. Such risks need to take into account the current state of the art of cybersecurity.
Following the design paradigm of defence in depth, an effective protection of critical transport infrastructure can only be achieved with an adequate combination of technical and organisational measures, as well as the appropriate physical protection of the relevant assets.
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