Local and regional railway tracks in Germany

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672 Pages 01.05.2007 20,5 x 22,0 cm Deutsch / Englisch ISBN 100198
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Starting with the legal and technical bases and extending to design solutions, noise and vibration protection, equipment engineering, track maintenance, occupational safety and health aspects, infrastructure management, and economic aspects and financing, the idea was to compile a book that covers the entire, broad spectrum of this key domain.

This book has achieved this objective remarkably well. Not only does it describe the state of the art at that time; it also clarifies how individual areas work together and influence each other. Another remarkable achievement is that not only technical solutions, but also their cost- and profitability-related consequences are always addressed.

Thus the book provides important information for transport companies’ ongoing restructuring and affords us a preview of what lies ahead.

The book is long since out of print but now available to download as PDF.

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