City rail systems/Light rail systems

Principles – technology – operation – financing
992 Pages, Hardcover 23.09.2014 20,5 x 22,0 cm Deutsch / Englisch ISBN 978-3-96245-095-3 Available as: P E
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This book deals with basic aspects, technology, operation and financing important aspects of the urban transport system.

There is an insight into the current legal foundations at European and national level. All aspects are presented, taking into account the production of modern light rail vehicles as well as basic renovation. It also explains how the requirements for a reliable energy supply can be met and how stops and routes have to be designed with regard to passenger comfort, environmental protection and urban development.

Current developments in customer-specific telematics, at workplaces and workshops, with staffing and incident management are also presented. Finally, the book deals with economic questions (LCC) and shows the risks and opportunities of the changed legal situation. It also explains the implications for future demands and makes proposals for funding.

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