ICE - High Tech on rails

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176 Seiten 01.01.1991 21 x 30 cm English ISBN 100167
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The high-speed InterCityExpress (ICE) train has to be counted among the innovations at the top end of today’s technology spectrum. Apart from its undeniably economical and ecological advantages, great comfort and short travel times are the most attractive features among customers.

This edition covers all steps in the development of the ICE system, starting with a review of the history of high-speed rail travel in Germany. The authors and ICE designers describe in detail the stages of development, the experiences made thus far, projects at hand, as well as conceptualization of a technically completely new ICE generation which will also feature multisystem versions suitable for operation all across Europe.

Including 240 illustrations (black-and-white as well as coloured), technical drawings and diagrams. The book is long since out of print but now available to download as PDF.

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