Transrapid MagLev System

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114 Seiten 01.01.1989 21 x 30 cm English ISBN 100170
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At speeds of 400 km/h and beyond the Transrapid hovers above its guideway. It is driven by a linear motor, electromagnets provide guidance and support.

With this compendium qualified engineers offer a thorough and comprehensive description of a radically new transport system, introducing their subjects with a survey of the development as well as the practical possibilities of this novel high-speed transport system. The contactless propulsion technology, the drive, and its power supply are dealt with in detail. The designers of the Transrapid MagLev railway also describe all the functions and installations serving the safety, supervision and control of the running operation. Furthermore, a large space is devoted to the description of the support- and guidance system and the vehicle.

Including 100 coloured as well as 34 black-and-white illustrations, technical drawings and diagrams. The book is long since out of print but now available to download as PDF.

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