Competition in Europe's Rail Freight Market

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Finally, from the 1st January 2007, after a four-year process of opening specific sectors in the market, any European railway undertaking will be able to offer rail freight services on every line in every EU country. This market liberalisation will allow the rail freight operators to complete with each other wherever it makes business sense and might bring about lower prices and higher quality for the customer.

But what does this process hold in future for rail freight in Europe? This is one of many questions experts ask themselves at the moment. With this major milestone in European railway history in mind the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies has invited academics, industry leaders and political experts to give their personal views on the questions for this newly opened market. The renowned experts describe the political general conditions of this market liberalisation and furthermore they give a review of the rail freight prospects in Europe and the potential of technological progress in rail freight.

This book illustrates the opportunities and challenges ahead and offers in-depth information, examples, experiences and opinions. It offers the public an interesting possibility to inform themselves about the latest developments in the rail freight market.

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