Verkehrsverbünde - Transport Alliances

Transport associations, public transport
304 Pages 15.06.2009 20,5 x 22,0 cm German / English ISBN 100259
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Today it is impossible to imagine the public transport sector in Germany without the local associations known as Verkehrsverbünde. In recent years, these have grown steadily in number and significance as the concept of integrating services has become a central pillar in the provision of high quality public transport.

The 20 technical contributions in this book examine the depth of thinking and planning required, the established concepts and principles, and the need to overcome conflicts of interest in order to offer joint services. These include a single co-ordinated timetable, common ticketing and fare structures, and a method of apportioning revenue in each area. 

In conclusion, the book takes a look at the cooperative situation between Austria and Switzerland.

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